We help CPAs, accountants, Enrolled Agents, bookkeepers and legal professionals grow, manage and eventually sell a successful practice.


We already know how your business should run. We've already "done that" and "been there," so we are ready to hit the ground running. We have ideas and systems ready to deploy that can solve problems fast. Marketing, sales, technology, workflow processes, and automation, ready to go.

Enrolled Agents

This specialized and highly educated group of professionals is a growing segment of the industry. We know and understand your business model. We can help you move things along. Whether it's new client acquisition, managing workflow or automating your processes, we're ready.


We have been helping bookkeeping professionals since our start. We created School of Bookkeeping (dot com) and have many solutions here at 74 Systems designed just for your practice. From marketing to technology, workflow and automation, we can help you reach your goals.

At 74 Systems, we help you get more business, run your business better, get things done, build remarkable processes, implement them, and help you make more money and live a happier life. Our clients are CPAs, Enrolled Agents, QuickBooks ProAdvisors, Xero Professionals, bookkeepers and accountants of all types.

The Ignite Program is our hands on, one on one consulting engagement where members of our staff become members (or departments) of yours. We help you find new clients, manage existing ones, tackle projects, design and implement workflow processes, solve problems, provide solutions, and together, we implement and manage it all. Our focus is always on automation and making your business better, so you make more money, and life gets a whole lot easier.


Our credentials

Certified Zapier Expert

What "they" say about us

My ignite sessions were life changing, no one has to pay me to say this. You won’t have one idea, you will have thousands! I LOVE working with Eric because he doesn’t tell me what I want to hear, he tells me what I need to hear.
I have been working with Eric Greenspan on a number of marketing initiatives for 2 of my companies. Eric has and brings dynamic ideas and an energy that never quits. His out of the box thinking has created ideas that have opened up new avenues and markets for our products and services.
Jay Kimelman, the digital CPA, Xero Rock Star and Ambassador
I’ve known and worked with a lot of people in my days, but Eric is like no one else I’ve ever met. He’s beyond determined to help, smart, really smart, capable, and really fun to work with. After your first meeting, you won’t sleep and you won’t want to.
Amanda Aguillard, CPA, Xero Ambassador, Elefant Training CEO
I didn’t sleep very well after my first session with Eric. I had a slew of new ideas rattling around in my head. But for the first time in a long time I was excited about what was about to happen with my business. Finally, I had someone to work with who has been there, done it, and had a vested interest to help me succeed.3 months later and I don’t think I can adequately describe how thankful I am to be part of the Ignite program.
What an amazing service. I feel like I hired a #NinjaJediTeam. Unbelievable. Thank you. Oh and they are a riot. What a joy to build my career and fortune with the likes of these two. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART (AND GLASS) #tothemoon

What We Do

Our mission at 74 Systems is to help service professionals achieve more by building and marketing a strong brand, successfully implementing systems to manage growth, take advantage of technology, and leverage automation wherever and whenever possible.

We stop at nothing, and we rarely say no. We find solutions to problems, fix and improve systems, improve productivity, and enhance every aspect of a business to achieve efficiencies that will help you make more money, spend less and accomplish more in less time. Our focus on marketing, technology, workflow and automation.

We tackle all sorts of issues, and help you define and implement spectacular processes to get your arms around your company. Whether you need more clients, a system to manage them, a project system so balls never drop, automation of redundant tasks, email campaigns, or social media dominance, we have you covered.

Our practice is dedicated to Tax, Bookkeeping and Legal Professionals, plus a few other service industries. We stay focused because we're better this way. We know these industries and we've already done a lot of the work. We share our combined knowledge across our client base to give you a headstart and avoid reinventing the wheel.

We're often asked to do something or if we can do something, and our response is generally, "We sure can, in fact we just delivered a similar solution to another client last week."

Marketing and client acquisition

Sales and training

Workflow and task management

Technology and software

Contacts and leads

Pricing and strategy

Websites and integration

Automation of EVERYTHING

Webinars, podcasts, video

Business processes

Electronic engagement letters

Electronic organizers

And much more...


    The Ignite Program™ helps our clients do it all, from branding, to workflow, to making it rain. Our Content Marketing Program are hands on, get it done campaign based services.


    The best technology, software and systems are the ones you use, and use often. They must solve problems and be scalable, flexible and ready for change. We know tech.


    Devices, software, automated processes, we eliminate overhead by building automation into every phase of your company's operations. We like playing with plastic blocks over here.


    Devices, software, automated processes, we eliminate overhead by building automation into every phase of your company's operations. We like playing with plastic blocks over here.

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    Pricing Your Practice - The Book

    Are you Getting Paid What You are Worth?

    Pricing is one of the most important parts of building a successful bookkeeping, accounting, tax or similar practice. Much of pricing is based on perception. We'll dive into the psychology of it and help you leverage tools that will help you get paid more.

    This book also helps you set prices, raise prices and sell your services better, at a higher price. It will also help you build your confidence, which is a benefit in every way to aid you in building a successful practice and living a happier, more profitable life.

    Pricing Your Practice is available on Kindle or paperback on Amazon. Grab a copy today, read it, and then get busy, really, really busy.

    If you wish to learn more or need help with pricing or other areas of your practice, please schedule a free consultation with us. Simply visit 74systems.com/start to book it. There's no cost to meet and no obligation. But it might just change your life, as it has for so many others.