How can we help your professional services business?

74 Systems works with accounting, tax, bookkeeping, law firms, professional services firms, e-commerce, online stores, and product developers to help you grow, improve productivity, and solve problems. We help you find new clients, manage leads and existing clients, solve workflow problems, and automate just about anything possible.

Our services include:

  • Marketing and Client Acquisition and Management
  • Proposal and Engagement Letter Automation
  • Workflow System Design and Automation
  • Communications, Email Campaigns, Messaging
  • BOT Development and Deployment
  • Automation of Processes
  • Sync, Backup, Remote, Mobile, and Technology Management

Clients hire us through our signature Ignite System as consultants to solve problems, build technology stacks, solve workflow problems, and of course, to help build a thriving practice with modern marketing methods. We help firms do things better and faster, with less, and we are affordable for firms of all sizes. We become a member of your team at a price you can afford, and we deliver more tangible output and results than you may have ever experienced.

Please note that we are a first-come, first-serve service. We are limited as to how many clients we can serve per season. You can learn more by scheduling a free consultation here.

My ignite sessions were life changing, no one has to pay me to say this. You won’t have one idea, you will have thousands! I LOVE working with Eric because he doesn’t tell me what I want to hear, he tells me what I need to hear.


Getting paid what you're worth?

Pricing is one of the most important parts of building a successful bookkeeping, accounting, tax, or similar practice. Much of pricing is based on perception and is psychological. This book analyzes existing pricing, helps you establish new or better pricing, what pricing models to use, how to increase your prices, and how to sell your services at the highest level possible. You'll learn how to establish a low and high pricing threshold based on our process and how to determine your value in comparison to your competitors and the industry itself.

Pricing Your Practice was written by Eric Greenspan, founder and CEO of 74 Systems.

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Want more clients?

We all need more customers, revenue, and profit. We help our clients find new customers using modern marketing tools, email campaigns, list building, social media, and conversational marketing. We put it all together to get you the results you seek. We make your phones ring, your chatbots "ding" and your inbox fill up. If you need more customers, schedule a free consultation right now!

I have been working with Eric Greenspan on a number of marketing initiatives for 2 of my companies. Eric has and brings dynamic ideas and an energy that never quits. His out of the box thinking has created ideas that have opened up new avenues and markets for our products and services.


How does your work flow?


Manage prospects, clients, projects, tasks, and more. Gain total control over your entire practice. Manage others, automate engagement letters, communicate with ease, market to leads, and existing clients, all from the same app.

Need help with customer relationship management? We can help you do things with Insightly or your favorite CRM you may never have dreamed possible. From setup to customization to integration with just about anything, our skills run deep. Our CEO is an Insightly Hero, identified by Insightly as a leading partner.

Communicate, faster.

If you're still using email, the phone, and other outdated systems, it's time to change NOW! The world where these technologies once existed, has vanished. Everything is different now. Maybe not in the world yet, but it's coming. Your prospects and customers no longer like emails filling their inboxes, and they absolutely deplore waiting. They want access to you directly, and they want it now.

Conversational marketing is the fastest way to move buyers through your marketing and sales funnels through the power of real-time conversations. It builds relationships and creates authentic experiences with customers and buyers.

Drift is the world’s first and only conversational marketing platform. Conversations. Not Forms. With Drift on your website, any conversation can be a conversion. Instead of traditional marketing and sales platforms that rely on forms and follow-ups, Drift connects your business with the best leads in real-time. 74 Systems is a Drift Certified Partner. We can help you revolutionize how you do business.

Eric keeps my mind fresh, my focus clear and my blood flowing. He's always there when needed and never says no to any request from me or my team. He delivers amazing results and has helped our firm reach a new potential. I feel renewed, which after 35 years isn't easy to accomplish.

Tom Jones, Certified Value Builder, recovering CPA, kickboxing instructor, large dog lover

Automate. Always.


We are marketing and workflow automation experts. This means we can help you speed up your workflow and automate your marketing to accomplish far more than ever before and with fewer resources. Productivity literally soars, human error is a thing of the past, and problems that once plagued your firm or practice disappear.

Finished a tax return and want to email a client for signatures, updates, and payment? We'll make this happen seamlessly, automatically, and with certainty. Create an invoice too? No problem. We can even automate the payment process.

We can help you automate, sync, trigger, copy, clone, duplicate, add, delete, and just about anything else you can think of. 74 Systems is a Zapier Certified Expert. We can help you automate all your cloud apps, processes, and business workflows.

I've yet to hear him say "no" to anything we've asked. He doesn't just say "yes" however. Eric guides and instructs and helps us make decisions we've been struggling with for years. He jumps right in, gives his all, and delivers results, over and over and over. He is smart, very smart. But he also knows how to communicate, no matter the audience. He's always there...I mean he's seriously the most responsive person we've ever worked with. What we've accomplished in our first few months working with Eric and team 74 has been nothing less than extraordinary. From IT to processes, to big business decisions, and of course marketing, this guy is something else. He's also a blast to work with. I consider him a friend. 


Does your website "work?"

A website can and should do much more than you might realize. But most don't. We take websites to a whole different level. Your site is the "hub" for practically everything, from marketing to client engagement, information gathering, appointment scheduling, and more. Getting paid should happen here, too, and it should be automatic. is important, but looks can be deceiving. Ever wonder why Google has ridiculously simple web sites? They do this to ensure speed and access to information is immediate and simple. Most importantly, every website MUST be more than mobile-friendly...they must be mobile made! Mobile devices account for over half of the activity and commerce on the web. This number will continue to grow as devices become faster and easier to use. Are you ready? We can help.


Eric scared me at first, still does, but man is this dude smart. He talks fast, thinks faster, works the same and gets stuff done. Within a few months I had a new website, a live Podcast, and most importantly, I'm already seeing new cases SPECIFICALLY from the work he has provided. He does not work miracles; he works hard, and smart and he's legit. He's pretty cool and fun to work with. If only he didn't call me "Andy!"

Andrew Neuwirth, Neuwirth Law Office - A personal injury law firm, Ask Andy Podcast Host, Nice guy

Electronic. Everything.

Put down Microsoft Word. Stop it with the "find and replace." Did you remember to send that proposal? Did they sign it? Did you send a reminder? Wait, it was signed, and no one told you? DID YOU GET PAID YET? Enough already...

Creating proposals, engagement letters, and closing deals should be a whole lot easier and AUTOMATIC! It should be as simple as clicking a button, and the data in your CRM gets sucked into the Cloud and onto an engagement letter in PandaDoc (or other systems) and sent to your client (or to you for review). Reminders should happen without you needing to be reminded. Signed engagement letters should trigger payments, welcome kits, onboarding processes, and celebrations.

We can help you integrate and automate engagement letters, proposals, contracts, and just about any document to get signatures automatically and payments faster!

Are you in sync?

Imagine if QuickBooks, your CRM, Mailchimp, and other applications sharing data were always in sync! Contacts and leads always up to date, no matter where they reside. When someone gets married and changes the last name, wouldn't it be nice to make sure that name change is universal? What if they change their email address on your website, and you don't update your billing systems?

The Cloud has changed everything, and data is often in disparate systems. But it doesn't have to be. We can help.

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