What’s your Rate?

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Discussion about rates is often a popular topic for our friends in the accounting profession. Everyone wants to earn more and live a better life. Regrettably, many don’t earn enough and the reason is both lack of marketing and low rates. So, the question is…what are you worth? What’s your rate?

I meet and talk to accounting pros every day about their marketing. The conversation often turns to coaching. I get “I’m so inspired, thank you Eric” often. That’s because I come out of my socks when they tell me their rates. When I hear that they are charging $25/hour or less and that they don’t have enough money to build a website, it becomes clear to me that they are not building a sound business. Ironically, they are in charge of the customer’s financials yet they have no control over their own. Most of these conversations are with women.

Now we cannot include all female accounting pros in this discussion. Stacy Kildal, Dawn Brolin, Kaydee Peterson and others like them, get paid, really well. They know their worth and they know how to sell themselves. If you know any of them, it’s clear that these gals have tremendous skills and the confidence to go along with it. Have you ever watched a Joanne DelBalso video? That woman has more confidence than an NFL first round draft pick.

What is different about the ladies I’ve mentioned above and those that are still charging $25/hour? Maybe their upbringing…but everyone has a story. Maybe their location…Stacy’s in Michigan…seriously? I think the answer is that they chose their respective paths and have enough skills and experience that charging rates that lead to a well established lifestyle is just plain easy. They know their value, their worth and they charge accordingly.

Here’s a few other reasons they are successful:

  • They pay attention to opportunities and they are very competitive;
  • They build relationships with the right people that can lead to more financial gain;
  • They are the best in their profession;
  • They never stop learning, engaging or creating;
  • They’re full of energy, ability and they are nice;
  • They love what they do.

Another great article on this matter from our very own Seth David. From $25/hour to $185/hour

So, if you love what you do, it’s time to start loving life. Want to learn more about raising your rates? Check out my Ignite Session. I might get one of these gals above to jump in from time to time and I can say without hesitation, I’ll pay their rate!


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