Pay over 18 months


$99mo (18 mos)
Includes everything in Clever excluding #1 and limited to 8 pages.


$199mo (18 mos)
1. Our Clever team will assist with the creation of your brand, help with logo concepts, colors, style, and copy as we build, configure and design a WordPress Website that Works™. We'll handle all the tech stuff too, so don't worry about any of that.
2. We install and configure the most important plugins for security, performance, ease of use, automation, SEO, analytics, email list builders, contact forms, and more.
3. We also setup and configure your domain based email account on either Office365 or G Suite.
4. We build up to 15 of your site's pages such as: Home, Services, Contact, About, Blog.
5. This package includes our Mesa Hosting and Maintenance Package for 18 months, so you can focus on your business. We maintain your site, manage backups, protect you from hackers, and update your software, plugins and theme.
6. You provide the following: Themeco Pro license (required), existing graphic and logo assets, existing copy, images, icons, domain and a few other items, as needed.
7. Additional plugins, software and services may be required at your expense.


$299mo (18 mos)
Includes everything in Clever plus setup and configuration of a Woocommerce online store with up to 10 products. Merchant account not included. Additional software may be required.


$399mo (18 mos)
Includes everything in Commerce plus setup and configuration of a Membership restricted system for your users to access content based on purchased or provided access. Woocommerce Membership software is required at an additional expense.