TrueTwit the Twitter Killer

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As an avid Twitterer, I often see the message, “@whoever is using TrueTwit verification.” Why? Why do you care who follows you? I’ve never understood why anyone would restrict anyone from doing so.

While Twitter is littered with spammy accounts selling all sorts of ideas and items and services and other junk, why bother restricting yourself from being followed. You can always block someone that is engaging inappropriately and you can choose to unfollow those that fill your feed with garbage.

You can choose who you follow, which is the content that shows up in your feed. But anyone that follows you might retweet or favorite your post. Even if they are spammy, stinky scoundrel, their tweet might bring you more followers, Klout, activity to your profile and website and more.

Everyday I get a favorite or retweet from some account that I’m sure has selfish intentions. Great, go for it. Share my stuff. I’m on Twitter for two reasons: 1) to meet and socialize; and 2) to market. Limiting my followers by forcing them to validate doesn’t help in either.

The title of this blog is Too Legit to Audit, brought to you by Our audience is mainly accountants, CPAs, bookkeepers, business owners and students. You are a conservative bunch, yet you are also very active marketing your practice on Twitter. I applaud you and I follow many of you and learn from you daily. I’ve met many of you and others on Twitter. You just never know what might happen. While Facebook is a more personal social network and LinkedIn is mainly for job hunting and business contacts, I say open the Twitter flood gates and let them all in.

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