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My ignite sessions were life changing, no one has to pay me to say this. You won’t have one idea, you will have thousands! I LOVE working with Eric because he doesn’t tell me what I want to hear, he tells me what I need to hear. My company is growing as a result of the changes he recommended.Carrie Kahn, Complete Business Solutions, Home of the Complete Business Partner Program
I have been working with Eric Greenspan on a number of marketing initiatives for 2 of my companies. Eric has and brings dynamic ideas and an energy that never quits. His out of the box thinking has created ideas that have opened up new avenues and markets for our products and services. In addition, Eric is developing 2 world class websites to deliver the ultimate in usability and marketability. I would recommend anyone needing assistance in building their business or a new website to work with Eric!
Jay Kimelman, the digital CPA, Xero Rock Star
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There is a good reason why Eric’s program is called IGNITE. Eric does exactly that. He ignites a fire in you and you won’t want to stop until you’ve reached your goals. Even then, you won’t stop, you’ll keep going because Eric has showed you that you are capable and that the sky’s the limit. Your life and business will change for the better from that first one on one ignite phone call. I am not paid for any of my comments, it’s just an honest feedback based on my life-changing experience on the ignite program. Make the appointment. You won’t be sorry.
Anna-Aliza Rosenbaum, Moo G Clips, "Recovering Bookkeeper"
I’m sure you’ve heard this story by now, but during our first Ignite session Eric suggested I create a Facebook group for a niche I was interested in. I did, and it’s now got over 3,000 members! I’ve got more new clients than I know what to do with right now! I’m loving this “problem!”

Now Eric is helping me manage my growth with workflow, automation and some pretty slick systems. We’re deploying insightly which is seriously an amazing piece of software and no one knows more about it than Eric. It’s beyond cool.Emily Smith, Accounting Titan, The Unusual Accountant, Mompreneur

When I first learned about the Ignite Program I was totally in! The only problem, I was totally broke. I reached out to Eric Greenspan and candidly shared my story. He responded, “So, book the free consult anyhow. You aren’t going to fix the problem thinking about it. Let’s at least get the ball rolling; I’m happy to meet with you regardless of your financial situation.”

So I did. We talked; well, mostly Eric talked. (sorry Eric, haha) I listened, intently. I literally laid in bed awake for about a week thinking about all the ideas we had discussed. And then something amazing happened; my business started to grow. I hadn’t even started the Ignite Program, but after talking to Eric only once, I started doing things, more and more things, until all of a sudden I had enough to join the Ignite Program and I did.

When I started Ignite I had only one client. Only a few months later, I’ve literally increased my cashflow by a whopping 40X.

I love being a part of the Ignite family, because that’s how it feels, like a family. The entire team and all the people I’ve met, in such a short time, is simply amazing. I hope to pay Eric 40x his current fee some day. Do the math. Like he says, “it’s a win win win!”Jessica Ann Rubenking, Parkside Business Services, Married to an IT Guy

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Just wanted to let everyone know if you are not working with Eric Greenspan through Ignite you are missing out on a great opportunity to help you with your business. We had a great call yesterday and gave me great insight on what I needed to do going into 2016. After our Ignite Session ended, I immediately joined the CMO Program. Everyday things move forward, fast!Jan Smith, Owner, Bakersmith Bookkeeping Group, Amateur Golfer
I have been working with Eric Greenspan for over a year now. He has totally revamped my website and continues to improve it. He is constantly coming up with new ideas either in technology or in marketing that help me and my business grow.

I always ask clients how they found me and ask why they picked my company. Now, the most common answer is. “Your website. It’s great. It gave me all of the information that I needed to determine that you were a good fit for us.”

Eric’s excitement for helping people is unbeatable. His enthusiasm is contagious. He is my marketing/website/blog/technology/idea go to guy.Lynn Mattice, Mattice Business Services, Inc., Profit First Professional, "Mayor of Florida"

A little over 4 hours ago, I got done with a video conference call with Eric David Greenspan of the Pro Ignite Program. Right before we signed off, he told me to go take a walk, and after the walk, then start thinking about what we discussed. Can I just say my head is about to explode and I am utterly mentally exhausted? The future is looking bright for me and I don’t know why I didn’t Ignite with Eric sooner!!!! Watch out people.. this girl and her business is preparing to take off! If you haven’t talked with Eric yet, what are you waiting for?Heather Lopes, GrapeBooks, Fan of Wine and Rhine(stones)
During my Ignite sessions, Eric and I talked about many things. I took pages of notes and had lots of things to do; some of which I did and some that I didn’t do. The most important things he told me were very specific, but can be distilled down to a few concepts that I took and started working hard.

One of my specific goals was to have enough business by the end of October to make working out of the third bedroom in my island home a permanent reality. As soon as I started focusing on that goal, it happened—by the end of September. In May, I had no recurring revenue; 4 months later I am making enough to live on and I’m just getting started!
Diana Halenz, Deep Dive Financial, CPA, Diver, Killer Instincts

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