THIS IS NOT FINE PRINT (it’s 18 point text)

We are dedicated to delighting our customers. However, we do not offer refunds on any of our services. If you pay in advance, fail to appear, fail to achieve success or are dissatisfied, we will remedy the problem to the best of our ability, but we will not provide financial rewards or refunds.

You may cancel web hosting at any time and your subscription will end on it’s renewal date.

Website payment plans are not cancellable. They are not support agreements. They are terms to help you manage cashflow and reduce upfront costs.

We require a 30 day notice for cancellation on the Ignite Program. The Ignite Program is a subscription and will renew on its anniversary automatically. If funds are not received, we reserve the right to charge a $35 NSF fee and reasonable interest until the account is paid in full.

If you have questions about our deliverables or work, contact us by click the support button below.