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The Ignite Program is an ongoing marketing and client acquisition consulting engagement helping accountants, bookkeepers and business owners ignite their practice. We show you and help you build your client base, your business and help you make money. A lot of money. We pay our way also, as the results are generally significant and success is obtained in almost every case, one way or another. Simply put, we help you setup, create, design and explode your business. We help you develop a plan for sales, marketing and workflow.


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The Ignite Program is an ongoing marketing and client acquisition consulting engagement to help accountants, bookkeepers, lawyers and business owners ignite their practices, businesses and lives. Our focus is on client acquisition, using modern and traditional marketing strategies. Our larger focus is on helping you make money. We pay our way too. Our results are generally significant and success is usually obtained. Simply put, we help you setup, create, design and explode your business. We help you tackle sales, marketing and workflow. We help you make money. If we are successful, you can afford to pay us. We call that a win win win. You win, we win and your customers win.

With Ignite, we become your marketing department. Whether you’re a one person shop, or a larger firm, we bring knowledge from experience, passion from our love for what we do, and an intense level of focus to help you grow. We help with client acquisition, from start to finish and we even help you manage client workflow. We’ve built several of our own businesses from our spare bedrooms, and we have considerable knowledge for marketing, workflow and innovation.

Imagine having a highly experienced business partner, that you pay only when you need them. You get to leverage their expertise and you have a real partner to discuss all the big stuff you deal with each day. They help you grow your business, but only when you need them. They’re always there for you and they never have their own agenda. They are always working in your best interest. This is the The Ignite Program.

Let us share 48+ years of combined marketing and business building experience with you and help you Ignite Your Practice! Here’s how it works:

  1. Explore what you are currently doing and…
  2. Fix it.
  3. We help you acquire new clients and help you…
  4. Close them.
  5. We help build your model, pricing and business.
  6. We conquer all your workflow.
  7. All along we are building (or rebuilding) your confidence.
  8. And then comes the MONEY.

Our most popular offer and the one that got it all started. The Ignite Program is one of the best solutions worldwide to get your practice, business and life ignited. If you seek more clients, better clients, more revenue, higher profits, better processes and systems, a stronger brand, a better website, innovation, improved technology, ideas, distilling ideas, and tackling just about anything else you can imagine, then the Ignite Program is for you!

The Ignite Program was built by and for entrepreneurs, such as: bookkeepers, accountants, business owners, real estate professionals, financial professionals and attorneys.

With the The Ignite Program, we meet, discuss, and we get things done. We dig right in and tackle issues, problems and challenges DAY ONE! We conquer fear, we achieve, we grow, we fix and we build.

One of our recent IGNITE clients saw a return on investment of over 45x her investment in her first month. Another, doubled her income. I could go on, as most have had amazing results.

Another is currently scrambling to hire to keep up with the demand.

Another is living her dream, doing exactly what she always wanted to do and she’s making money, faster and faster every day!

Another is adding revenue daily and has completely changed her life.

Another is adding clients on a regular basis, has a new outlook on life and his family is thriving.

And there are so many more…

The Ignite Program will light a fire under you and will change the way you think, operate and achieve. You will make more money and have more fun doing it. Sign up today and learn how to…

  • Find out what’s wrong with your current marketing, website, social media and strategy and fix it!
  • Learn tons of new ways to acquire new clients, right in your neighborhood and worldwide!
  • Fix your rate structure, billing method and start getting paid what you deserve!
  • Deploy innovative technology to automate your business and workflow!
  • Tackle social media efficiently and effectively and get results now!
  • Automate. Innovate. Dominate.
  • Grow your confidence and skills and achieve at levels you’ve only dreamed of.
  • Conquer fears and problems and stop living paycheck to paycheck or in debt.
  • Live your dream, do what you love, create a future that will secure financial stability for you and your family.

Who signs up for The Ignite Program?

  1. Newbies who need a kickstart
  2. Established pros who need to take the next leap
  3. Experienced pros who need a kick in the $%% (restart)
  4. People that want to love what they do so they never “work” another day in their lives.

Please purchase and schedule your first session as soon as possible, as we are generally 3-4 weeks out on calendar.