Are You Getting Paid What You Are Worth?

Pricing Your Practice – The System will literally make you more money, immediately.

First the book, now the system.

Pricing Your Practice - The System is a 6 week engagement to help you build (or rebuild) a pricing model that works, is easy to sell, ensures you are paid what you are worth, and will literally make you more money immediately.

Here's how it works

When you join Pricing Your Practice - The System we will start with a discussion about your current pricing. We'll ask you a few key questions and then we'll get busy building your custom pricing model.

Next, we'll develop your pricing story. This is a big part of helping you sell your services faster and with more confidence. We'll teach you how to tell your story and we'll make sure you deliver the message properly.

Then, we'll help you implement your new pricing model for new and existing clients. For new clients, we'll teach you how to pitch and how to close. We'll help you explain your pricing, and why it's a great value, and why you are the right choice. For existing clients, we'll help you communicate your price increase message with little or no kickback.

Pricing Your Practice - The System is a game-changer for any bookkeeping, tax or legal practice. It's a combination of proper pricing technique, developed by Eric Greenspan, the author of Pricing Your Practice - The Mindset to Get Paid What You are Worth (available on Amazon) and also the creator of Percentage Pricing, and sales training. Pricing Your Practice - The System will also help you build more confidence and simply make more money.

When we're done, you will...

  • Have a pricing model that works and makes sense to both you and your customers
  • Know why your pricing works and how to tell/sell your "story"
  • Start getting paid what you are worth
  • Make more money, immediately
  • Close more deals, faster

What's expected of me and how much?

Pricing Your Practice - The System costs only $1,000. You'll get a free signed copy of our book Pricing Your Practice. We meet one on one, online, up to 6 times over 6 weeks. Each meeting is about 30 minutes. At the end of each meeting, we'll each be assigned homework due by the next meeting.

The results

If you have an existing client base, you'll earn back what you paid us almost instantly. Beyond that, you'll just make more money. It really is that simple.