A few of our latest projects...
74 Systems has doubled my revenue in a year. DOUBLED IT!Carrie Kahn, Complete Business Group
Eric Greenspan is my go to guy for all things marketing, technical and website. He just gets it done.Lynn Mattice, Mattice Business Services, Inc.
74 Systems knows me and helped me build my brand and image around exactly who I am. Helen Donnell, Stable Books
I love working with this team. They are so on it. My husband’s company also hired them. They just get it.Kerry Postel, Abacus Bookkeeping
Ya, I’m one of the fastest growing IRPs in the world now. Thanks team 74!Carrie Kahn
I’ve become close friends with Eric and team. We do many things together. They are sharp and can do things most just talk about.Jay Kimelman, the digital CPA
I didn’t sleep very well after my first session with Eric. I had a slew of new ideas rattling around in my head. But for the first time in a long time I was excited about what was about to happen with my business. Finally, I had someone to work with who has been there, done it, and had a vested interest to help me succeed.

Tim Adams, Slam Dunk Accounting
When I started Ignite I had only one client. Only a few months later, I’ve literally increased my cashflow by a whopping 40X.Jessica Rubenking, National Bookkeeper
Working with Eric and team is unlike any experience I’ve ever had before. They just get it and they move sooooo fast. Eric always responds, fast, and he always makes himself available to me. He never gives up and he always delivers. I wish all my vendors worked this way. He’s spoiled me.Tiffani Higgins, Cloud9CPA