Order Management System (OMS) for Intuit Resellers and Accounting Pros

Order Management System (OMS) is a QuickBooks® products, payments, and payroll ordering system built exclusively for QuickBooks resellers and their affiliates. OMS provides an easy to deploy system to accept direct orders from end users or from affiliates. It then allows you to manage and submit order information to Intuit (QuickBase) in an easy to use process. Orders can be automated into your CRM for tracking and prospect management. You can be up and running in a few hours and start selling today!

  • Sell QuickBooks products on any website

    OMS can be embedded on almost any website(s) and instantly transforms your site into a QuickBooks selling system.

  • Platform and mobile friendly

    Works great on all devices. Windows, Mac, mobile, we support all devices with a web browser.

  • Secure

    If there’s a compliance or security option in existence, we’ve added it. We host with Amazon Web Services.

  • Designed to make posting to QuickBase easier

    Get your orders into QuickBase faster than ever!

  • QB Payments and Payroll also available

    We help you gather all the pertinent details.

  • 100% hosted and managed

    You’ll never have to touch a thing or worry about backups or updates.

  • Pricing data refresh

    We will keep the pricing data up to date automatically so you never have to worry again.

  • Commissions and partner payouts

    We capture partner names, contact info and even the website the referral was passed from.

  • Customizations

    Sure, we can help you make it do more, fit your workflow or change the colors to match your firm. It might cost you more, but we’ll be fair.

  • Support

    Updates, troubleshooting and more can be available with an optional and fairly priced support agreement.

Reseller Partners

We have worked with many resellers, affectionately known as QSPs (formerly IRPs) and QuickBooks ProAdvisors, accounting pros and others involved in the industry. We have built and have deployed our hosted Order Management System (OMS) specifically designed to facilitate the process of direct orders from the public and from partners. OMS receives the order data and displays it in a tabular online report for easy posting to internal systems. It comes complete with modules for Products, Payroll and Payments (soon to be released) and our Order Products Management (OPM) system that makes processing orders easier than ever.

OMS is fully hosted on Amazon Web Services and exceeds every security requirement imaginable. Access to OMS and OPM pages is handled directly on your own website. Order Pages are added to your website(s) and partner websites as requested. If desired, pages dynamically update when new features or bug fixes arrive.

How to get started

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