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Practice marketing, management, and educational tools built for tax and bookkeeping practices, legal firms, and other professional service providers

Designed for business owners of all kinds, including tax professionals, bookkeepers, CPAs, Enrolled Agents, accountants, legal professionals and others. Ignite your firm or practice today. Build better marketing, find more clients, get control of your workflow, automate everything possible, and use technology properly. We've combined everything from our very popular schooloftaxes.com and schoolofbookkeeping.com in one place and we're making it better every day! There's over 25,000 minutes of instructional audio and video, some with CPE credit, plus templates, documents and our amazing Ignite Chat and ABBO Facebook Group, where you can ask us anything! Sign up today.

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Live Events

Our topics are timely and useful for business owners of all types. Every event is built just for you. Live Events include Radio Ignite Live, Ignite Your Practice Live, Live Tutorials, Live Clinics and WOWbinars with CPE, plus Office Hours and Guest Talks.

Live WOWbinars

Cutting edge, detailed, useful topics

Included with your All Access Pass our our our signature event known as WOWbinars. Unlike the typical webinar, WOWbinars are full of energy, interesting and useful content and delivered in a way that will keep you engaged and ensure you get the most out of each viewing.

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Live Tutorials

cutting edge, Brief, useful topics

Also included with the All Access Pass are the little brother to the WOWbinar that we call "Live Tutorials." Live Tutorials often come in a series, focus on specific concepts and are usually brief. You get in, watch, learn, and get back to business.

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Radio Ignite Live

WeekdayS - also on itunes, stitcher, soundcloud, tunein and spotify

And don't forget about Radio Ignite Live, our most popular educational resource in our history. Daily podcasts about things that can help lift you, ignite you, solve your problems and give you the inspiration to be the absolute best you can be!

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Live Clinics

Live Clinics are live ongoing educational webinar series covering a specific topic or idea

Live Clinics are events offered by 74 Systems to cover a topic that can't (and probably shouldn't) be covered in a single meeting. Live Clinics are an ongoing series of informational webinars targeted at a particular topic or idea. In each webinar in the series, we focus on a different aspect of the solution. Our goal is to provide you a complete understanding of the topic or idea, so you can implement it in your own company right away.

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No matter where it lands, or where it's broadcast from, now you can get it all. This All Access Pass will change your practice, in fact, it might just ignite it.

FAQs about the "All Access Pass":

  • You will have full 24/7 access to all new live and recorded events and content hosted on 74 Systems (where all new content and events will reside). The All Access Pass provides all the content, services and features offered at our schools including WOWbinars, Courses, Office Hours, Radio Ignite, Podcasts, Job Referrals, featured Directory Listing, Templates, Documents, Images, Icons, and other downloadable materials, plus all new benefits, content and services offered on any of the three sites. This offer excludes professional services "Our Systems" offered by 74 Systems including the Ignite System, Accounting Workflow System, Customer Acquisition System, Websites That Work, Hosting and a number of other Systems offered by our firm.
  • You will have full 24/7 access to all existing content, features and services offered at schooloftaxes.com, schoolofbookkeeping.com and other sites.
  • If you are a "Both Schools, Lifetime Member" then you get all the benefits, services and features of the All Access Pass.
  • You'll be able to login, access and learn from any or all of our sites listed here.