The Ignite System has helped thousands achieve and grow a successful practice

The Ignite System is our most comprehensive offering providing full, hands on consulting services, where our team, works with you and your team. Together we build your brand and find you new clients, tackle problems, implement remarkable processes to handle all your workflow and we deploy technology and automate everything possible.

The Ignite System was created to help accounting and tax professionals, bookkeepers, legal professionals, and other service and sales organizations, grow a successful business. With the Ignite System, we can help you with all your marketing, technology, workflow and automation needs.

The Ignite System is a hands on, all inclusive consulting engagement where our team becomes a part of yours.

We use all our resources to help you tackle problems and build efficient systems. The Ignite System generally includes all of our other Systems (or they can be sold separately) to give you the most we can offer.

Imagine having a highly skilled, technically capable, marketing, workflow and automation consultant on your team to help you build your business. Whether it's to find new clients, create new systems, improve old ones, or do just about anything. The Ignite System adds a single resource to your team for only $3500/month. Add additional resources as needed.

When the initial phases are complete and things are running smoothly, we continue to help, ongoing, with our 12 Stage System. where we fill needed gaps in operations, marketing and executive roles on an ongoing, monthly basis managed by a time tested pipeline of tasks and requirements. Each month, our focus and responsibilities may differ, but our commitment to you will never change.

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To help you with


We're not going to sugar coat things. Our goal is to fix your problems, enable you to achieve, and get results. We'll be around and we'll ask the questions that need to be ask, check the systems and help you fix any problems or seize opportunities.

Business Models

We'll dig deep to build a model that is designed around you. We want to see you fly and achieve your goals. Your model has to be something you believe in.

Differentiation (niche)

Finding something that sets you apart from the rest might just make you a leader someday. We're going to help you find your place in this industry.

Client Workflow

We help our clients manage clients, communications, systems, processes and marketing. The workflow to manage these processes are our intellectual property and we will share them with you. You will always know what you need to know about every client.

Projects and Tasks

Every time a client asks you to do something, it's either a task or a group of tasks. It might even be a project which is a group of tasks over time with goals and milestones. We have time tested solutions to help you manage every aspect of this process.

Business Processes

We'll help you get your arms around what works, what doesn't, and what you're missing. Your company is your passion, your life, and we're going to help you make it great.

Marketing Planning

We start by mapping out your goals and then we build a specific marketing plan just for you. We won't waste time on things you don't trust, believe or intend to pursue. We'll explain our position, but we won't overstep our bounds. We will work within your parameters.


Become memorable, build a strong brand, differentiate yourself from others, feel good about what you do and who you are. Leverage your brand to drive new customers, referrals and repeat business.

Marketing Calendar

We build and share an amazing tool that allows us to manage your marketing calendar, automate sharing of posts, ideas, videos, newsletters, and we automatically repurpose everything you create to get you more ROI. 

Marketing Campaigns

We will build and manage your entire marketing campaigns across all areas of your company. This is includes social, email, blog content, copy, imagery, remarketing, pixel integration, SEO and more.

Client Acquisition

Building a plan and discussing methods to find and secure new clients can solve just about any company's problems. We'll design something that works for you and help you engage, sell and close.

Prospect Management

Where's that phone number? Did you lose the business card? Was it on a post it note? A napkin...these days are over. Fluid, simple, sophisticated management of your leads to close them faster and get more sleep.

Sales Training

If we create a steady flow of new prospects, we've done some good. But helping you close more deals is even better. We'll teach you and your team how to manage prospects, communicate, and close new business. 


Leveraging your existing client base to add new products and services, additional sales and increased ROI. We love recurring revenue too.

Client Relations

Keep your customers happy and they will continue to pay you and refer you. Managing this process can be challenging and often lacks personality. We can help you build better, longer lasting relationships.

Electronic Forms

Gather information instantly, without mailing expense and avoid double entry. Your clients can add and update their information into your systems directly on your website or their client portal.

Online Scheduling

We used to take calls, write down notes, transfer the notes to a calendar, scribble it out, erase,'s exhausting to think about. Now, your staff and/or clients just click and schedule. After, the real automation magic begins.

Electronic Documents

Our electronic engagement letters, proposals and contracts system will improve your productivity fast and get you back to the books, or forms, or whatever you need to be doing to earn more and process less.


If you do more than once, automate it. It's a philosophy that has allowed us to help hundreds of clients eliminate repetitive tasks and recover from double entry errors.


We're not here to just take a paycheck. We track, analyze, fix, fix again, tweak, abandon and replace, and we never, ever give up until we find the way to the finish line.


Get paid what your worth, but also be able to sell it. We have extensive experience in developing pricing for our clients. We'll help you design a system that works for you.

The Ignite System was built by and for entrepreneurs, such as: bookkeepers, accountants, business owners, real estate professionals, financial professionals and attorneys. With the Ignite System, we meet, discuss, and we get things done. We dig right in and tackle issues, problems and challenges DAY ONE! We conquer fear, we achieve, we grow, we fix and we build (or rebuild).

The Ignite System will light a fire under you and will change the way you think, operate and achieve. You will make more money and have more fun doing it. Sign up today and learn how to...

  • Find out what's wrong with your current marketing, website, social media and strategy and fix it!
  • Learn tons of new ways to acquire new clients, right in your neighborhood and worldwide!
  • Fix your rate structure, billing method and start getting paid what you deserve!
  • Deploy innovative technology to automate your business and workflow!
  • Tackle social media efficiently and effectively and get results now!
  • Automate. Innovate. Dominate.
  • Grow your confidence and skills and achieve at levels you've only dreamed of.
  • Conquer fears and problems and stop living paycheck to paycheck or in debt.
  • Live your dream, do what you love, create a future that will secure financial stability for you and your family.

Who signs up for The Ignite System?

  1. Newbies who need a kickstart;
  2. Established pros who need to take the next leap;
  3. Experienced pros who need a kick in the $%% (restart);
  4. People that want to love what they do so they never "work" another day in their lives.

Please purchase and schedule your first session as soon as possible, as we are generally 3-4 weeks out on calendar.

We created the Ignite System for accounting and tax professionals that need help taking their practice to a new level. We've also helped countless others, from many different professions.

In the Ignite System, we fix problems, tackle challenges, improve productivity, reduce waste, speed up workflow, automate repetitive tasks, eliminate redundancy, remove tedious operation that bore and disenchant staff, and in general, creates a happier and more productive workplace. We'll also save and make you a lot more money, and in time, we pay for ourselves, many times over.

Some come to us for help with workflow problems or need help managing their marketing, from websites, to email campaigns and more. Others need help with technology, staff sales training, and automation of daily processes, that cost companies time, money and resources. We tackles client relationship management (CRM), project and task workflow and management, email campaigns and all marketing, technology and operations. We streamline just about everything and we do it at a cost any company can afford.

To make it simple, think of us as your marketing, technology and/or operations department(s) or a complement to your existing team. For many, we also work closely with the business owner by providing someone you can discuss high level matters with, or bounce an idea off, or help finish a thought, an idea, or just about anything else. We've built companies from our 3rd bedrooms, garages and guest houses. We've done and seen much, and our skills become yours. One of the many benefits to hiring us is that we merely ask for a reasonable monthly fee based on your revenue. We don't want ownership, but we'll gladly share in your profits, should desire. If we're getting the job done, simply say goodbye and we will properly and professional end our relationship, providing you with all access to everything we've built and delivered. We leave everything behind and we transition you away from us in good form, with tremendous honor and respect.

After we begin working together for a while, we start to pay for ourselves. Our work creates results that are clear and measurable. You'll know, because the reporting and management systems we deploy for you to use for your own company are also in place at ours. We truly eat our own dog food. Every system and process is one we've already tried and tested. We also have the combined experience from working with thousands of tax professionals worldwide. We know your inner workings REALLY well and we know the tools, software and processes. What we don't know, we learn fast. We share all our knowledge with you, and we protect your data and intellectual property like it's our own.

My ignite sessions were life changing, no one has to pay me to say this. You won’t have one idea, you will have thousands! I LOVE working with Eric because he doesn’t tell me what I want to hear, he tells me what I need to hear. My company is growing as a result of the changes he recommended.
Carrie Kahn, Complete Business Group, Home of the Complete Business Partner Program

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