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Whether you need guidance, an extra set of hands, or you want us to become your marketing department, we've got the tools, experience and knowledge to deliver leads, signups, email addresses, and the all mighty dollar bills.


We're not your typical geeky firm. We fiddle with tech, we use it, but our big focus is tech that works. Software and hardware that you truly use, that does the job, and really delivers on the promise of productivity.


If it's done repeatedly, and it's possible, we automate it. Eliminate redundant tasks reduces error and speeds up processes. We use automation in just about every aspect of our business and for our clients.

The Ignite Program includes:


Ignite Sessions

We meet, remotely, and we dig in. We'll discuss just about anything and we'll get to the heart of the matter, fast. We don't waste time here and we talk straight, even when it hurts.


Business Model

We'll dig deep to build a model that is designed around you. We want to see you fly and achieve your goals. Your model has to be something you believe in.


Focus & Niche

Finding something that sets you apart from the rest might just make you a leader someday. We're going to help you find your place in this industry.

Client Workflow

We help our clients manage clients, communications, systems, processes and marketing. The workflow to manage these processes are our intellectual property and we will share them with you. You will always know what you need to know about every client.

Projects and Tasks

Every time a client asks you to do something, it's either a task or a group of tasks. It might even be a project which is a group of tasks over time with goals and milestones. We have time tested solutions to help you manage every aspect of this process.


We're not going to sugar coat things. Our goal is to fix your problems, enable you to achieve, and get results. We'll be around and we'll ask the questions that need to be ask, check the systems and help you fix any problems or seize opportunities.

Client Acquisition

Building a plan and discussing methods to find and secure new clients can solve just about any company's problems. We'll design something that works for you and help you engage, sell and close.

Sales Training

Sure, we'll teach your team, but we want to help you close deals faster too and help you build confidence. This is specific training to help you identify opportunities and turn them into clients.


Get paid what your worth, but also be able to sell it. We have extensive experience in developing pricing for our clients. We'll help you design a system that works for you.

Prospect Management

Where's that phone number? Did you lose the business card? Was it on a post it note? A napkin...these days are over. Fluid, simple, sophisticated management of your leads to close them faster and get more sleep.

Automated Scheduling

We used to take calls, write down notes, transfer the notes to a calendar, scribble it out, erase,'s exhausting to think about. Now, your staff and/or clients just click and schedule. After, the real automation magic begins.

Electronic Documents

Our electronic engagement letters, proposals and contracts system will improve your productivity fast and get you back to the books, or forms, or whatever you need to be doing to earn more and process less.

Marketing Campaigns

We will build and manage your entire marketing campaigns across all areas of your company. This is includes social, email, blog content, copy, imagery, remarketing, pixel integration, SEO and more.

Marketing Calendar

We will provide you access to our specialized software that allows us to build a customized marketing campaign for you integrated with your website, email campaigns, social media, and analytics.


We're not here to take a paycheck either. We track, analyze, fix, fix again, tweak, abandon and replace, and we never, ever give up until we find the way to the finish line.

Ready to Go?

You're not getting any younger. Let's do this.

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Briana Beers, a CPA, had just completed her purchase of Lippa and Associates P.C. when she contacted us. When she joined the company as a staff accountant, the owner asked her where she saw herself in 5 years. Her response, "I want to own the place." She did it in 4.5 years.

We built Briana's website, her prospect and client management system, electronic engagement letters, we manage all her marketing, we've automated much of her life, enhanced her technology and so much more.

Briana has an awesome partner program for bookkeeping professionals. Learn more at

I feel like I hired a #NinjaJediTeam. Unbelievable. Thank you. Oh and they are a riot. What a joy to build my career and fortune with the likes of these two. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART (AND GLASS) #tothemoon
Briana Beers, CPA - Lippa Beers and Associates P.C.

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