Our Customer Acquisition System helps our clients, find new clients

A business functions by offering a needed product or service, to a large market, at a reasonable price. It also must deliver quality and results. Assuming you've got this figured out, now all you need are customers. But where are they and how will they find you? The 74 Systems Customer Acquisition System will help you solve this very problem.


We start with learning, then planning. After understanding your needs and goals, we layout your project in a sophisticated calendaring and campaign management system. We bring in the necessary resources and tools to make sure we deliver on time and with solid results. We continue to manage your plan to ensure important dates are never missed and opportunities are planned in advance. We don't like dropping balls either. You get access to the calendar ongoing.



Planning accomplished, it's go time. We will build your campaign(s) and start executing right away. We move fast, but we also depend on you. As soon as we get the information and objects we need, we will be off and running. Ready? Set. Ignite!


We love webinars and online chats, hangouts and other forums where you can share your ideas and talk about a great product or solution. We build entire campaigns around an event, including every other form of marketing to help get more registrations and capture email addresses. Followup, lead management and closing are also things we can help with.


Email is still the best way to get people's attention, and we have a huge audience. Want to share your event? A product launch? New features? We will build a robust email campaign complete with landing pages and analytics that achieve results.


We used to hear that social media would someday become a useful tool. We don't hear that much anymore. Today, social media has become the tool we had hoped for and we know it to use to your advantage! We can integrate your brand and products into our social media channels we use automation software to repurpose content ongoing, so you never have gaps in your marketing.


You write, we edit. We write, you edit. Whatever works best. Including links to events, videos, podcasts and other forms of content will ensure you build a cohesive brand and will help your sales team close more deals.


Webinars drive eyeballs and bring visitors in and help you build lists. After the webinar, you have an excellent opportunity to convert the footage into marketing videos, audio clips, training and more. Our studios are well equipped to produce quick content before it stales and get it on your sites and into your social networks fast.


Sometimes you can't watch, but you can almost always listen. Podcasting is another way to get your audience's attention and a great way to repurpose content you already have in video format.


Through the use of landing pages, optin forms, and email automation, we help our clients build lists to use for future marketing and remarketing.


Content creation is both an art and a science. We use best practices in the creation of content to ensure the highest ranking opportunities possible.


Measure, fix, improve. These are words we live by. Our knowledge and experience help us find trends and do things that are often unanticipated and sometimes remarkable.


You're never in the dark, or wondering how things are going. We provide you with access to a shared calendar so you always know where we are and what's next. We also provide reports and you'll have direct access to your Google Analytics data.


Our workflow and automation experts can help integrate systems and leverage the power of your CRM to track and close opportunities. We can automate processes and sync data across various apps and systems to make the right data arrive at the right time in the right place. No CRM? No problem. We can help with that too.


We're not going to help you count the money, but we will make sure your invoicing system is automated and your productivity improves in every department we're helping.