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  • Accounting and Bookkeeping Cloud Practice Management

    by Team 74
    20 Lessonsin ,

    The ABCs of starting and growing an accounting or bookkeeping practice. From pricing, to your website, to social media marketing, ABCPM will help you grow your practice and make more money.

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping Fundamentals With QuickBooks

    by Team 74
    23 Lessonsin

    Accounting and Bookkeeping Fundamentals With QuickBooks will give you the foundation you need to understand the true fundamentals of bookkeeping with QuickBooks. In short, you will learn your debits and credits in these QuickBooks courses. You can really impress your boss or clients with what you will learn and can do after taking this QuickBooks course. Learn what’s happening behind the forms in QuickBooks. You’ll also be “schooled” in Microsoft Excel, so you’ll really look like a pro. If learning bookkeeping fundamentals with QuickBooks in real world situations is your goal, this is the bookkeeping course for you!

  • Bookkeeping Fundamentals - The Course

    by Team 74
    6 Lessonsin

    It all starts with knowing the basics and terminology. Our instructor takes us through it all. It’s a friendly course and really well done. You can’t get enough of it. Even an old pro can use this as a means to “brush up” on the basic fundamentals of bookkeeping.

  • Bootstrapping Your Bookkeeping - A Course In Google Sheets

    by Team 74
    17 Lessonsin

    Ideas can come from anywhere. The idea for Bootstrapping for Bookkeeping came from a conversation I had on Facebook with a blogger I am friendly with. She reached out to me and asked for suggestions for how she might keep track of her income and expenses from her blogging activities. She admitted the activities were minimal so it really did not warrant going to the expense or trouble of learning accounting software, but she needed a way to do something more than just dump her receipts in a shoe box and turn that into an accountant at the end of the year.

  • Choose the Right QuickBooks

    by Carrie Kahn
    7 Lessonsin , , ,

    QuickBooks is designed to be easy to use, accessible from anywhere, and powerful. One of the challenges faced by users and ProAdvisors (accounting pros affiliated with Intuit) is choosing the right product for the job. Job costing, inventory, the Cloud, app integration, performance, number of users, are just a few of the choice one must make when choosing the right QuickBooks product. Payroll, QB Payments, and the list goes on. This is a Live Course. This means it will continue to grow as QuickBooks grows and changes.

  • Cloud Accounting with QuickBooks Online

    by Team 74
    37 Lessonsin

    The Cloud changes everything and QuickBooks is now available in a very robust, cloud version affectionately known as QBO. QuickBooks Online is a solid product that is widely used by many bookkeepers and small businesses worldwide. It continues to evolve, improve and offer new features and functionality. This course is a great overview of the QBO product line and how you can use it to run your practice or business.

  • Don't Sweat the Small Stuff - Learn It

    by Eric Greenspan
    4 Lessonsin , , ,

    You know those things we don't know? Well, we're going to know them soon enough. Stay tuned for a brand new course on learning things we need to know to run our business day to day. Don't sweat the small stuff, learn it is all about this.

  • Getting Paid, Payments, and Pricing

    by Eric Greenspan
    7 Lessonsin , , ,

    Getting paid is why work so hard, but we shouldn't work too hard to get paid. We will help you identify and implement best practices for getting paid using great tools that will help you handle more, with less.

  • Marketing

    by Eric Greenspan
    12 Lessonsin , , ,

    It starts with a brand, or an idea, or maybe it's just passion and the desire to achieve. Maybe it's all of it. But whatever gets entrepreneurs up and going each day requires marketing. No one can buy it, use it or even know what it is unless you share your idea with others. Marketing is key to the success of all companies. This course will dig deep, but be aware, we sometimes have to throw spaghetti on the wall and see if it sticks.

  • Mastering Microsoft Excel for Accounting Pros

    by Team 74
    26 Lessonsin , , ,

    Let’s begin with a basic introduction aimed at getting everyone familiar with the layout of Microsoft Excel. Even if you already have a good grasp on the basics, I am almost certain the first section, “Introduction to Microsoft Excel” will expose you to something that is in here that you either didn’t know about, or weren’t sure where to find it. Most importantly you will have the foundation you need so that later when we are talking about (eg) how to sort and filter data, you won’t be wondering where I went to do that. You’ll know I went to the Data tab on the Ribbon.

  • Microsoft Excel - Planning Your Bookkeeping Practice

    by Team 74
    3 Lessonsin

    Planning Your Bookkeeping Practice was inspired by a recent conversation I had with a bookkeeper who told me she had bought a program to help her plan her practice and figure out how she might reach a very specific financial goal. Follow these three simple lessons and you can accomplish this very thing using MS Excel & some basic formulas; nothing more complex than addition and multiplication.

  • Partnering

    by Eric Greenspan
    4 Lessonsin , , ,

    You can get to where you want to go fast. You can get there much faster with partners who already have relationships, distribution and experience.

  • How to Pass QuickBooks ProAdvisor Advanced Certification Exams

    by Team 74
    19 Lessonsin

    Get ready for a great new course from to help you get your advanced certifications. Taught by a master test taker, Tim Adams got his CPA directly out of college and sat and passed all tests in the same session! NOTE: If you are concerned about the upcoming changes to the ProAdvisor Certification Exams, they have no effect on this course. We are working on “how to take the test,” not the content. If Intuit makes other changes, we’ll be sure to update the lessons, annotate or create an add-on lesson for you. You should NOT wait to watch this course. The course will help you on this test, the future test and many other tests, in general.

  • Build, Produce and Market with Podcasts

    by Eric Greenspan
    1 Lessonsin , , ,

    The Podcast is a great tool for marketing. You can reach a massive audience and all you need to do is tell people what you already know, about topics you already master, and you don't even need to do your hair! Podcasting is useful for creating content and sharing across many platforms. We'll take you from start to finish and help you build a Podcast brand, following and most importantly, clicks to your website and leads in your CRM.

  • Practice Management - Marketing, Workflow, Technology, Automation

    by Eric Greenspan
    7 Lessonsin

    This course will focus on all aspects of building and managing a thriving tax practice. Our lessons will help you deploy technology, get your arms around your workflow and automate redundant practices.

  • QuickBooks Desktop - Features, Functionality and Fundamentals

    by Team 74
    15 Lessonsin

    This course is dedicated to QuickBooks Desktop 2016 features and will showcase its specific functions while it teaches the fundamentals of bookkeeping. Our instructor is an advanced certified QuickBooks Online and Desktop ProAdvisor. Her style, knowledge and approach to teaching will help you gain new skills, expand on those you already have, and get a refresh of 2016 version of QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Sales

    by Eric Greenspan
    2 Lessonsin , , ,

    Customer service, marketing, product development and operations are important parts of your company. But without sales, your company cannot exist. This course will guide you through the process of sales and help you achieve more with less, and most importantly, your dreams.

  • Starting a Business

    by Team 74
    3 Lessonsin , , ,

    It all starts here. Sometimes more than once.

  • Staying The Course

    by Eric Greenspan
    2 Lessonsin , , ,

    This course is a course on staying on course. Business can push you in many directions. The lessons here will help you stay on track.

  • Technology Must Haves

    by Eric Greenspan
    3 Lessonsin , , ,

    We're geeks at heart. Isn't everyone just a little? Either way, technology is a must! We'll show you what apps and gadgets actually will work and more importantly, you'll actually use.

  • Understanding Your Financial Statements

    by Team 74
    9 Lessonsin , , ,

    The financial statements are the ultimate output based on the bookkeeping which is the input. It is really important for bookkeepers to have this in mind when entering transactions. If you can think in terms of where your transactions will go on the financial statements you will be much more effective at getting the results you want? What results do you want? Accurate and reliable financial information that you can use to make informed decisions about yours or your client’s business.