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  • Build, Produce and Market with Podcasts

    by Eric Greenspan 1 Lessons in , , ,

    The Podcast is a great tool for marketing. You can reach a massive audience and all you need to do is tell people what you already know, about topics you already master, and you don't even need to do your hair! Podcasting is useful for creating content and sharing across many platforms. We'll take you from start to finish and help you build a Podcast brand, following and most importantly, clicks to your website and leads in your CRM.

  • Starting a Business

    by Team 74 3 Lessons in , , ,

    It all starts here. Sometimes more than once.

  • Marketing

    by Eric Greenspan 12 Lessons in , , ,

    It starts with a brand, or an idea, or maybe it's just passion and the desire to achieve. Maybe it's all of it. But whatever gets entrepreneurs up and going each day requires marketing. No one can buy it, use it or even know what it is unless you share your idea with others. Marketing is key to the success of all companies. This course will dig deep, but be aware, we sometimes have to throw spaghetti on the wall and see if it sticks.

  • Sales

    by Eric Greenspan 2 Lessons in , , ,

    Customer service, marketing, product development and operations are important parts of your company. But without sales, your company cannot exist. This course will guide you through the process of sales and help you achieve more with less, and most importantly, your dreams.

  • Partnering

    by Eric Greenspan 4 Lessons in , , ,

    You can get to where you want to go fast. You can get there much faster with partners who already have relationships, distribution and experience.

  • Don't Sweat the Small Stuff - Learn It

    by Eric Greenspan 4 Lessons in , , ,

    You know those things we don't know? Well, we're going to know them soon enough. Stay tuned for a brand new course on learning things we need to know to run our business day to day. Don't sweat the small stuff, learn it is all about this.

  • Technology Must Haves

    by Eric Greenspan 3 Lessons in , , ,

    We're geeks at heart. Isn't everyone just a little? Either way, technology is a must! We'll show you what apps and gadgets actually will work and more importantly, you'll actually use.

  • Getting Paid, Payments, and Pricing

    by Eric Greenspan 7 Lessons in , , ,

    Getting paid is why work so hard, but we shouldn't work too hard to get paid. We will help you identify and implement best practices for getting paid using great tools that will help you handle more, with less.

  • Staying The Course

    by Eric Greenspan 2 Lessons in , , ,

    This course is a course on staying on course. Business can push you in many directions. The lessons here will help you stay on track.

  • Choose the Right QuickBooks

    by Carrie Kahn 7 Lessons in , , ,

    QuickBooks is designed to be easy to use, accessible from anywhere, and powerful. One of the challenges faced by users and ProAdvisors (accounting pros affiliated with Intuit) is choosing the right product for the job. Job costing, inventory, the Cloud, app integration, performance, number of users, are just a few of the choice one must make when choosing the right QuickBooks product. Payroll, QB Payments, and the list goes on. This is a Live Course. This means it will continue to grow as QuickBooks grows and changes.