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  • Mastering Microsoft Excel for Accounting Pros

    by Team 74
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    Let’s begin with a basic introduction aimed at getting everyone familiar with the layout of Microsoft Excel. Even if you already have a good grasp on the basics, I am almost certain the first section, “Introduction to Microsoft Excel” will expose you to something that is in here that you either didn’t know about, or weren’t sure where to find it. Most importantly you will have the foundation you need so that later when we are talking about (eg) how to sort and filter data, you won’t be wondering where I went to do that. You’ll know I went to the Data tab on the Ribbon.

  • Understanding Your Financial Statements

    by Team 74
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    The financial statements are the ultimate output based on the bookkeeping which is the input. It is really important for bookkeepers to have this in mind when entering transactions. If you can think in terms of where your transactions will go on the financial statements you will be much more effective at getting the results you want? What results do you want? Accurate and reliable financial information that you can use to make informed decisions about yours or your client’s business.