Content on Your Website, Then Facebook and Tweet Your Links, Add a Smidge of Pinterest and Don’t Forget Google+

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Content Customer Acquisition Systemon Your Website, Then Facebook and Tweet Your Links, Add a Smidge of Pinterest and Don’t Forget Google+

We post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and many others. We share our thoughts, ideas, videos and photos. We do this throughout our day and we don’t seem to mind the time we lose as a result. But if we are marketing a product, we must look at this differently. We must think about content marketing. In this case, our focus must be on driving visitors to the site. Our product or service is usually best represented on our website and since our goal is sales or some form of conversion, we are best serving ourselves by focusing our content marketing to a single source, our site. Have a look at for some good sample posts.

While the social media sites are critical for sharing, ultimately we want visits to our site, SEO and sales. So the next time you have a thought, turn it into a blog post on your website and you will turn your content marketing into something people can ultimately find and hopefully buy. Then share it, everywhere. If it’s a video, post it to YouTube and then link that inside your post. If it’s a photo, put it on Flickr and do the same. I’m not saying posting to Facebook or Twitter directly is a bad thing, but why waste the Google Juice? If the goal is to get people to your site, then focus there.

Here’s the basic outline:

1. Create a blog post that matters (like this one) and make sure you choose your words wisely. While your content may be fabulous, Google Webmaster Tools and SEO will only help you if you use words that people associate with your content. If you are marketing flip flops, be sure not to call them thongs. Or maybe use both, repeatedly. Is it flip flops or thongs today?

2. For WordPress sites, use a proper SEO plugin from either Yoast WordPress SEO or WPMU’s Infinite SEO and make sure you fill in the blanks.

wordpress seo by yoast


3. Next step is to test your post in the Open Graph Facebook Debugger. If you did everything right, this is what you will see:




4. All good, then start posting away! Where and how to post will be part 2 of this series.


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