What Facebook Wants

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This story is not about the ego boost we all get when someone likes something you post on Facebook. This is about marketing and the results you are seeking for yourself or the client. What you post, when you post it and how matters. Facebook is not Twitter, nor Google+ and should not be treated the same.

Social Media is Exhausting

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We spend so much time everyday chatting with friends, posting our thoughts, trying to find the marketing formula, selling things, searching for love and reading. Social media has changed the world. It’s a better place; one that is less lonely and full of interaction, knowledge and fun. But let’s be straight here, social media is exhausting.

Stop Your Wanking Facebook Isn’t Listening

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Every day I hear someone complaining about something in their life on Facebook. I don’t like it much. Unless the “friend” is a friend IRL, I generally unfriend them after a few of these posts. You know, the ones that say, “My life is a mess and I’m tired of being alone” or “My girlfriend left me…” or “I’ve tried everything, nothing is working.” Stop your wanking Facebook isn’t listening or certainly doesn’t want to.

Is Facebook The New Myspace As Google+ Gains Momentum?

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Is Facebook the new Myspace? Has Google+ taken over? In short, no. Twitter isn’t going to disappear in the near future either. I wouldn’t worry about competition from social networks like Snapchat, Tumblr, Path, Medium, Vine or Pocket either. Facebook is not the next Myspace just yet because it has a real revenue model. Facebook’s ads just keep getting better because they keep getting more targeted. This is due to Facebook continually adapted it’s model to gathering more and more about its users and then sharing this on the open graph. Facebook has more than vital data; it has desire data. Every time we hit “like,” we are aiding their cause.