How to Work On Your Business, Not Just In It

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As an entrepreneur, we fight fires every day. Sometimes, this means you can’t work on your business because you’re too busy working in it. This leads to failure as we are spending so much time with our heads down, the world changes without us noticing. We need to make a plan. Without a plan, we lose our focus on marketing, we lose our competitive advantage. We stop embracing changes in the economy, our offerings and our customers’ demands. Don’t let this happen, make a plan.

Social Media is Exhausting

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We spend so much time everyday chatting with friends, posting our thoughts, trying to find the marketing formula, selling things, searching for love and reading. Social media has changed the world. It’s a better place; one that is less lonely and full of interaction, knowledge and fun. But let’s be straight here, social media is exhausting.

Fonts Matter

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The first business cards I ever designed turned out awful. The fonts were huge, too thick and too dark. It was an amateur job and I was indeed an amateur. My employer at the time was clueless, so I got lucky on this one. Never make the same mistake twice! While I’m not a graphic designer, I know what looks right and I know that fonts matter.