Case Study: How SeventyFourCustomer Acquisition SystemHelped Reach 150 Percent of Plan

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seth david nerd enterprises I met Seth David many years ago. I liked him from the start. When he approached me with his idea, I was very interested in hearing more. Seth has been building an audience on YouTube for years, millions actually and has built a thriving consulting business with Nerd Enterprises. Seth is an accountant and provides bookkeeping and accounting services to his clients, often remotely. Seth is tech and accounting savvy and has setup a sophisticated series of websites and regularly posts fresh videos to YouTube, helping his followers solve bookkeeping problems, implement new software and technologies, and simply get their job done better. Seth is a nerdy, fun character and his videos are refreshing and quite frankly, people love them. When Seth and I sat down to discuss, it was clear that he was on to something. The subscription model and the huge market were clear indicators that this business has potential, lots of it. He had subscribers already but he was too busy working in his business and not on it. That’s were SeventyFourCustomer Acquisition Systemstepped in and helped achieve 150 percent of their forecast within the first three months.

Our Hub Strategy was created for We started with setting up the necessary sites to “rebuild” as it’s own entity, rather than just a sub-domain of Seth’s Nerd Enterprises. We then built a blog and came up with a clever name for it: Too Legit To Audit. Next, we started building content, for both and Too Legit To Audit. is almost entirely content. The main component within the site are videos. Seth takes this a step further by providing dialogue and downloads, often spreadsheets or other “workbooks.” Seth already had his first course done, Bookkeeping Fundamentals with QuickBooks so we launched with this 34 lesson course on day one. And subscribers came… To help gain more attention to the site, we did all the necessary work: SEO, blog content on Too Legit To Audit, Analytics with goals and constant testing/tweaking, Google Adwords and Facebook advertising, registering the various sites with Google Webmaster Tools and submitting them to the index with XML site maps. We also started using various communication tools like MailChimp and plugins on the site to enhance conversion by obtaining email and other contact information of likely subscribers. For course #2, we partnered with a brilliant videographer and editor. He took the courses Seth created and gave them sizzle and lifted the quality to an entirely new level. Students responded well and subscriptions increased. Over the next couple of months, we implemented our Hub Strategy and the company has grown each month, and as of today, March 10th 2014, it has reached it’s goal for end of April 2014. Seth is pleased. The secret to the success of’s launch is nothing more than a decent strategy with a huge focus on implementation, tracking, analysis, constant tweaking and relentless dedication to delivering great content at a reasonable price. What Seth started with was great, but now, it’s even better. Social media works, but not for everyone. It works when the following occur:

  1. You must start by solving a large problem and providing a great solution, e.g. the idea must be remarkable!
  2. Relentless attention to every aspect of the business and never stop perfecting your content and message.
  3. Staying power! Never stop, keep building, keep implementing and follow the Hub Strategy or something similar.
  4. Analyze and tweak until you get it right. Scrap ideas when they don’t work, start over, perfect the soup.
  5. Be realistic in your projections. We forecasted reasonably and conservatively (a word the investor community detests) and blew the numbers out of the water (they do like this though).

If you get a chance, check out what’s going on at There’s a free guest membership. If you are a business owner, bookkeeper/accountant or student, this is the place for you. We’d love to hear from you. If you are in the midst of building a company and are using a similar strategy, share with us in the comments below.

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