Our Accounting Workflow System was built for accountants, by accountants

The Accounting Workflow System from 74 Systems helps you manage everything from prospects to projects.

From prospects to projects, our Accounting Workflow System is the ultimate solution for managing an accounting practice. AWS, created by 74 Systems, uses industry leading and standard platforms, all working together in harmony and leveraging their individual, best of breed capabilities in a single, cohesive, highly customizable, easy to use system. Our system helps accounting pros manage their entire practice, from Prospects to Projects.

We use a highly customized version of insightly CRM with time tested and proven workflows to maximize your productivity and help you avoid missing tasks. You will manage projects like a boss and that's because you probably are a boss. We couple Insightly with epic integrated tools to assist with the rest of the needed functions in today's high tech practice. Our partner products were chosen by us for flexibility and functionality, and that is the only reason. We choose what works and we use every tool in AWS in our own practice also. Our only motivation is delivering great results, for our team and yours.

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Figure 1. New prospect process, conversion and workflow

AWS will help you manage your day to day operations, including:

  • Leads and opportunities
  • Contacts and clients
  • Tasks and projects
  • Recurring tasks
  • Staff management and overview

Figure 2. Tasks and projects management

You'll now be able to tackle...

  • Digital engagement letters and proposals
  • Electronic organizers
  • Automation, anywhere
  • Communications with prospects, clients, vendors and staff
  • Marketing, social and traditional, content, sharing, video and more
  • Mobility and anywhere access

Figure 3. The electronic organizer


  • Workflow pipelines developed together with leading accountants
  • Reporting, dashboards and statistics
  • Regular updates and new best practices
  • Performance enhancements
  • Fresh, new methods and procedures
  • Shared development and processes

Figure 4. The AWS tax prep pipeline

The AWS system handles mosts aspects of your business workflow and keeps you on top of it all. Your team will stop dropping balls and they'll stop missing important deadlines. You'll have more free time and peace of mind. And in the end, your customers will be happier, you'll make more money, and you'll sleep better at night knowing that everything is under control.

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