The AWS Procedures

  1. Schedule a meeting: Scheduling links are available to current members in the 74 Hub (in the menu above or In our first meeting, we will discuss the process in detail and answer your questions.
  2. Communication: While email and Facebook messages and text work for some, we prefer Slack. Install Slack on your mobile device, your desktop PCs, and anywhere else you can. It is a universal instant messaging and communications tool. You get a private channel DIRECT to us, where you can type messages, drag images, share documents, click links, etc. Our Slack channel is but we'll send you an invite. If you don't get it or have any questions, NEVER hesitate to email [email protected] We want you to clear, comfortable and prepared.
  3. Deliverables: You must provide us with licenses and/or login information for the appropriate software. Required AWS licenses can be found here.
  4. Task Requests: Our clients usually add us as a user to insightly using [email protected] as the email. You may then assign us a task in a system we all use and understand. We will be notified of the task assignment.
  5. Ongoing Support: As long as you remain a current subscriber to our program, you will have access to us to ask questions and share ideas. We are happy to receive requests to review documents, images, collateral, etc. We rarely say no, so keep asking questions, now and after each session. Our response time is usually prompt, but sometimes we get busy like everyone else. If you are in need, let us know. We always do whatever we can to accommodate our clients. Use Slack or email [email protected], or visit to reach us. We respond fast, so if you don't hear from us soon, track us down however you need to.

Meeting Preparation

  • We use webcam enabled, remote online meetings to communicate, share desktops, whiteboard ideas, and record. Be ready, have your webcam, microphone, speakers and fast Internet on! Tell the kids to turn off their YouTube and streaming movies if your Internet is slow.

Technical Specifications

A webcam, speakers and microphone are required. We can speak on the phone, when appropriate but sharing and collaborating is not possible without the appropriate equipment. You don't need much and most of our clients have it already. Most importantly, you need it for your own practice anyhow.

  • Webcam: We recommend the Logitech C920 webcam if you don't have one. It also has a built in microphone that works very well.
  • Microphone: If you wish to buy a separate microphone, we use the Blue Yeti and have heard good things about the Snowball. You can also use the internal microphone if one exists on your computer.
  • Speakers: No advice here. Just make sure you can hear us.
  • Headset with microphone and headphones: We're not picky about brand and model here but we HIGHLY recommend a WIRED device. Ear buds with a microphone like what comes with your mobile phone work fine too.
  • Fast Internet connection. Upgrade. This is the future. Actually, it's today.
  • Windows or Mac computer. No mobile devices or tablets please.

Need help?

Click "NEED HELP" down below or visit our Help Center. You can also message in your Slack channel.