Attorneys and Legal Professionals

Naturally, we help lawyers and their teams with marketing and client acquisition. One of our clients secured over 35 new clients one weekend worth over $1 million in new retainers that led to millions in income over the next few years. For this client, we created and ran an event, marketed it, managed it and the rest, well, it just happened.

We also help attorneys and law firms build practice management systems and process, solve operational and workflow problems and implement solutions to assist in client and case management. A legal practice requires a great deal of structure, procedure and patience. Adopting new systems in a law office are not going to make us popular, unless we solve the problem. You just never know what might get thrown your way in this industry. The legal process moves at a snail's pace some days; like lighting the next.

I'll never forget the day I was hired by a law firm. I walked into the office and they showed me 11 banker boxes full of paperwork from over 200 clients. They were planning to file a joint law suit/arbitration matter before the National Association of Security Dealers (NASD). These guys had a huge mess on their hands. We got right to work and built a system to handle the problem. The entire 200+ cases were filed in a matter of weeks. The rest of the story is "confidential" of course.

Our solutions are all tailored for your profession. To learn more, please book a consultation and let's discuss how we can help you Ignite your practice, business and life.