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Marketing and client acquisition, technology, workflow and automation are what we do and we do it for accountants, bookkeepers and business owners.If you enjoy success and cash flow happiness, we can help, big time. We don't preach or tell you to follow a course. We get in the mix, hands dirty, working directly with you and your team as part of your team. We analyze what's not working, or what missing, and we fix or add it.Managing prospects, finding them, managing clients and projects, staff, automating redundant tasks to reduce error and increase productivity, branding, and so much more.You ready? Sooner or later, you need to get going. Why not today?
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Eric Greenspan
Chief Clever Officer


Angela Rust
Creator of Opportunities

When I attended TED in 2011, I walked into a room with a huge box of red Lego. Every block was the same; standard 2x6. While limited to a very Minecraft end result due to the block shapes, I started building and others joined. Eventually we built the Empire State Building, which naturally led to a giant King Kong, and of course a fully working helicopter. I was in my 30s then, still playing with Lego. Today, I still love Lego and a few other "building blocks" that help our clients do great things. It's what I love to do. I get paid to play with Lego. I love what I do and anyone that knows me, knows it to be true.

Eric Greenspan

74 Systems is a marketing, technology and automation company. We make things work in ways you may never have imagined. We help build, grow and manage companies, from prospects to projects. We offer various individual services or choose our comprehensive Ignite Program and we can help you with just about anything. Our primary clients are leaders in the accounting and bookkeeping industry, tax professionals and attorneys. We remain focused so we can leverage our experience and talent, and provide the most value. We help our clients find new clients, manage workflow, tackle the web, transform technology, integrate automation and so much more.

Eric Greenspan has built several companies from his extra bedroom and acquired hundreds of thousands of loyal, quality, longstanding customers for himself and our clients. Eric began his career at IBM, later sold a company to KPMG, then produced major radio shows on CBS and ABC with partners Citrix and Verizon, amassing over 40,000 customers and securing a distribution deal with Costco. Eric is an insightly Hero and has over 25 years of marketing, IT, cloud and CRM knowledge. He was one of the original founders of the cloud when he created Push in 2000, a Citrix based ASP (application service provider) and competed head to head with a then hardly known startup called Salesforce.com. From a single datacenter, his company supported remote users from all over the world, including over 3,000 from KPMG, British Airways, Fedex and many others. Push provided anytime, anywhere, any device access, for any application, over any connection.

Eric has always stayed on the cutting (sometimes bleeding) edge of technology. Sure, sometimes he has to reboot or the lights won't turn on, but its the price you pay to test beta software and products. This allows 74 an early glimpse into what's coming, so we can always be prepared to help our clients stay ahead.

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