Success Checklist (beta)

  • Do cool stuff. ✅
  • Have fun doing it. ✅
  • Surround yourself with smart people. ✅
  • Blow your clients' minds. ✅

*The features marked with ✅ are no longer in beta.

Ready to Ignite Your Practice?

The world has changed, and it's just the beginning. Business, communications, expectations, and technology are completely different from the way they were only a decade ago. Some are struggling to find their way in this new, faster, and the engaged world we live in. Some are simply in denial. Others are jumping in with both feet and making the necessary changes. It starts with your mindset. Once you embrace the changes needed, you are halfway there. The rest we can help you with, including marketing, technology, workflow, automation, and systems that do things you may not expect, in a way that serves an ever-changing world of consumers, business owners, and your future clients.

74 Systems is a marketing and workflow automation company focused on helping service firms leap into the new world of ever-changing technologies and "now or nothing" mindset of today's customer base, that continues to grow both in size and in their demands. To many, the change is overwhelming. But to us, it's exactly what we're wired to do. Instant communications, mobile payments, bots, AI, marketing, and workflow automation are in our DNA.

Our leadership comes from a generation where things didn't move as fast, and business was done in person and on the phone. We are unique in that while we are ahead of the trends, we still know and understand the client base we serve. We know you may be a little frustrated, or confused, even scared. We also know you are smart, experienced, and excited for the future. We know you are going to balance the change different from today's young workforce (Millennials and Gen Zs) and we will work with you in a manner that matches your ability to change, with the needs of your business.

74 Systems helps accountants, tax professionals, lawyers, bookkeepers, and business owners build, manage, and grow a thriving practice. Often we are helping our customers REBUILD or REDESIGN their systems to handle the demands of today's customer. Our 74 “Systems” are hands-on professional services and consulting, where we join your team and help you create and achieve from the inside out. The Ignite System, our signature offering, has helped thousands with marketing, technology, workflow, and automation. We also offer 74 Learning for those that are “do it yourselfers” or aren’t ready to make the larger commitment.

We make things work in ways you may never have imagined. We help build, grow, and manage companies, from prospects to projects. We offer various individual services or choose our comprehensive Ignite System and we can help you with just about anything. Our primary clients are leaders in the accounting and bookkeeping industry, tax professionals, and attorneys. We remain focused, so we can leverage our experience and talent, and provide the most value. We help our clients find new clients, manage workflow, tackle the web, transform technology, integrate automation and so much more.

When I attended TED in 2011, I walked into a room with a huge box of red Lego. Every block was the same; standard 2x6. While limited to a very Minecraft end result due to the block shapes, I started building and others joined. Eventually we built the Empire State Building, which naturally led to a giant King Kong, and of course a fully working helicopter. I was in my 30s then, still playing with Lego. Today, I still love Lego and a few other "building blocks" that help our clients do great things. It's what I love to do. I get paid to play with Lego. I love what I do and anyone that knows me, knows it to be true.

Eric Greenspan
Founder/Chief Clever Officer
74 Systems