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74 Systems is a marketing, workflow and innovation company. We make things work in ways you may never have imagined. Whether it’s finding new clients, building the systems to manage leads and customers, an extraordinary and useful website, creating a brand, finding a niche, or pricing models, we’ve got tremendous ideas, solutions and experience. We help our clients ignite their practice, business and life!

Our signature service offering is our 74 Ignite Program and its big brother 74 CMO. We help our clients find more customers and make more money. As your outsourced marketing team and leadership, we don’t mess around. We know you’ll keep us if we achieve and we work tireless to do so.

Part of 74 Degrees LLC, 74 Systems was born from client demand. Originally called SeventyFourMarketing, the company was so successful in helping its customers grow, later these same customers demanded help with managing the growth. Since this was EXACTLY what we know best (after marketing), we changed the name to 74 Systems and created more services, including 74 Workflow, to help solve this very problem.

Their aren’t quite 74 yet, but we may reach it someday. We do have 74 Ignite and 74 CMO, 74 Web, 74 Minds and 74 Workflow. We’ve got you covered!

EDG 2016 TED this biginsightly eric greenspan Large Hero badgeOur tenacious founder Eric Greenspan, also the CEO of astUtemy (formerly schoolofbookkeeping.com) has built several companies from his extra bedroom and acquired hundreds of thousands of loyal, quality, longstanding customers for himself and our clients. Eric began his career at IBM, later sold a company to KPMG, then produced major radio shows on CBS and ABC with partners Citrix and Verizon, amassing over 40,000 customers and securing a distribution deal with Costco. Eric is an insightly Hero and has over 25 years of marketing, IT, cloud and CRM knowledge. He was one of the original founders of the cloud when he created Push in 2000, a Citrix based ASP (application service provider) and competed head to head with a startup called Salesforce.com. From a single datacenter, his company supported remote users from all over the world, including over 3,000 from KPMG, British Airways, Fedex and many others. Push provided anytime, anywhere, any device access, for any application, over any connection. For more on Eric click here.

Give us a call at (888) 218-7482 or email us. We’re known to be extremely responsive, so don’t be surprised if someone calls you back immediately. Ready to learn more, book a free consultation.